COVID-19 Protective Measures

  • Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania is one of the less affected areas by Corona in the whole of Germany. All employees are from Mecklenburg, no commuters from other federal states.
  • No mass tourism: our private landscape park protects our house with over 100 hectares. Burg Schlitz is decentralized 3 km outside of Hohen Demzin in an absolutely secluded location, away from the tourist hotspots.
  • Low risk of infection: due to the size (total area of ​​5,500 square meters) and the spaciousness of the rooms in our house and the landscape park, distance regulations are easy to comply with.
  • Burg Schlitz only has 20 rooms, so there are a maximum of 40 guests in the hotel.
  • Strict adherence to and continuous monitoring of the high hygiene standards of the catering / hotel industry as well as the official requirements are important to us. These hygiene measures are continuously refined to ensure that all hotel areas are cleaned to the highest standard. Particular attention is paid to frequent points of contact such as handles, handrails, lift buttons, door handles, surfaces, etc.
  • Award from the state Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania for “More safety on holidays”
  • Distance regulations for staff of at least 1.50 m for all operational areas including the walkways, bathrooms and break rooms.
  • All staff is wearing medicinal face and nose protective masks during their working hours.
  • Touch-free disinfectant dispensers are conveniently located in the public areas of the hotel (lobby, public toilets, restaurants, and later also in the bar, in the spa, etc.). We recommend that our guests use them at regular intervals.
  • The reception is equipped with a spit protection plexiglass wall and sufficient space.
  • Timed admission to the restaurants, minimum distance between tables in all restaurant areas, UV-air filters
  • Individualized care for our guests, e.g. no breakfast buffet but a la carte service and room service.
  • Fresh country air works against viruses and also strengthens our guest's immune system.


In order to ensure carefree enjoyment of the carefully prepared dishes and drinks in our restaurants, the recommended distance between all our guests must be strictly observed. Our employees and the culinary teams ensure that the highest hygiene standards are always maintained.

  • All of our restaurant staff wear medicinal face masks.
  • Breakfast is served either on one of the terraces or in the Café Brasserie "Louise" or can be ordered through room service without any restrictions on quality or quantity.
  • A good and safe feeling for our guests is guaranteed by the fact that no buffets are offered at the moment.
  • The distance between the tables is at least 1.5 meters.
  • To enjoy food inside, a reservation in advance is necessary. All guests need to show a proof of vaccination or infection if the state's status is orange (Level 3).
  • Larger tables are also available to keep guests from different households 1.5 meters apart.
  • The dishes are served with cloches whenever possible / necessary.
  • Hand sanitizer: Our guests are asked to use the sanitizing station before entering the restaurant.
  • In the restaurants, electrical air filters are used to clear germs and viruses from the air.
  • Scheduled admission to the restaurants for breakfast and dinner.

Room Service & Housekeeping

  • The employees wear masks at all times and only enter the hotel rooms when the guests are not in the room.
  • You can also enjoy breakfast in your hotel room.

Wellness, SPA & Swimming Pool

  • For your health and safety and due to the official regulations of the local authorities, our pool and sauna area is not yet fully open. The pool and Finnish Sauna can only be used simultaneously by a few persons. The steam bath and infrared cabin stay closed. Admittance may be restricted to two hours if there is high demand.
  • Until further notice, we will offer neither massages nor cosmetic treatments. Our aroma oil baths, our “Tub Delight” and Private SPA Night may be reserved upon availability.

We'll take good care of you and ourselves, we promise, BUT we also need your support:

  • If you arrive from a foreign country, please check if you need to complete the "Digital Registration on Entry" befor entering the country.
  • For your stay in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania you have to be fully vaccinated with an EU-approved vaccination (BioNTech / Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson). The second dose has to have been received at least two weeks ago (excl. J & J where only one dose is required) in the close future an additional rapid test may be need additionally.
  • For events a negative rapid test result is needed additionally as of now.
  • Please do not enter the hotel if you are experiencing any of the known symptons related to the infection, like shortness of breath, cough or cold, fever or loss of smell and taste.
  • Medical masks must be worn in all public areas inside, including when you are alone in the hallway. No mask requirement at the table only.
  • Outside there is a strong recommendation to wear a mask if the distance of 1.5 meters cannot be kept.
  • The elevators may only be used by 2 people.
  • The distance rule of at least 1.5 meters must be strictly observed.
  • Do not shake hands.
  • Please always walk past each other on the right.
  • Wait for our staff to position you at the entrances to the restaurants, do not enter unsolicited. Please adhere to the table times reserved for you.
  • Masks must be worn on your way to the table and when leaving it.
  • Discomfort / Corona symptoms: we ask our guests who should feel uncomfortable with typical symptoms to inform us immediately and to stay in their room. In any case, we will consult a doctor to have your state of health checked

We kindly ask for your understanding that this is not a friendly request, but house rules within the framework of the regulations of the state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, which must be observed for the protection of all people in this house, without exceptions!

We are grateful for your continued trust in our hotel and the “good ghosts of Burg Schlitz”. With gloves and our constantly sincere and attentive service we look forward to welcoming our faithful regulars as well as new guests.



Schlosshotel Burg Schlitz
17166 Hohen Demzin
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Telefax: +49 (0) 39 96 - 12 70 70
E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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