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Burg Schlitz veranstaltet regelmäßig höchst exklusive Reisen, welche unseren mitreisenden Gästen die schönsten Orte, die besten Hotels, die köstlichste Kulinarik, einige famose unangekündigte Überraschungen, aufmerksamsten Rundum-Service und viel Herzenswärme garantiert.

In Kombination sind diese unvergleichbaren, sehr individuellen Reisen eine unglaublich herzliche und bereichernde Erfahrung, die man so bei keinem anderen Veranstalter buchen kann!

Jede Reise wird vom Burg Schlitz-Team sehr detailreich und sehr professionell vorbereitet und jede Reise wird von Manuela und Armin Hoeck, als Ihre persönlichen Reiseleiter, begleitet.

21.-26. Juni 2020

Exquisite Mittsommer-Gourmet-Reise nach Dänemark

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06-14. September 2020

Exklusive Segeltour mit der Sea Cloud II durch das Mittelmeer

Programm ansehen

Vergangene Reisen

September 2019

Champagne & Gourmet-Schiffreise nach Oslo

Programm ansehen

Oktober 2018

„viaggio tartufissimo“ - eine höchst vergnügliche Trüffel-Reise nach Italien

Programm ansehen

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Genuss-Programm „Kleine Auszeit“

  • Zwei Übernachtungen im DeLuxe-Doppelzimmer für zwei Personen
  • Reichhaltiges Schloss-Frühstück von der Gourmet-Etagere und kleinem Buffet
  • Ein Abendmenü in drei Gängen aus Sabine Teublers Schloss-Küche (Reservierung im Voraus erforderlich)
  • 1,5 stündige Haus- und Parkführung (nur im April & Mai / Reservierung im Voraus erforderlich)


Unser Preis für Sie:   € 275 pro Person! 

Dieses Angebot gilt nach Verfügbarkeit für einen Aufenthalt von Sonntag bis Donnerstag, ab sofort bis 31.  Juli 2019 und kann nur bei uns direkt gebucht werden.Verlängerungsnächte und andere Zimmerkategorien sind auf Nachfrage gerne buchbar.

Besuchen Sie unbedingt auch unsere neue Webseite und werfen Sie einen Blick auf unsere weiteren, sehr vielfältigen Genuss-Programme

Für Fragen oder Wünsche stehen wir Ihnen sehr gerne jederzeit zur Verfügung und freuen uns schon heute darauf, Sie bald auf Burg Schlitz willkommen heißen zu dürfen! 

Mit herzlichen Grüßen von dem Ort an dem der Seele Flügel wachsen! 

Manuela und Armin Hoeck

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Art & Culture - Interiors

According to designs by architect Helmut Riemann, the “Deutsche Werkstaetten Hellerau” have manufactured furniture and interiors of highest craftsmanship which are not only custom-made for the varying sizes of our hotel-rooms, but are also in perfect harmony with the German Biedermeier-style, which was the fashionable style of the time of Hans Count von Schlitz.

The workmanship is of highest quality, for which only fine woods like walnut, ash, ice-birch or cherry were selected. In particular the beech-wood veneers are of outstanding quality. 

Though adapted to an antique style, these interiors meet all modern requirements: From make-up mirrors, towel racks or wooden Kleenex-boxes, over little bathroom stools, beadheads or sideboards, to writing desks with a leather-inlay writing area, bar cabinets and in-built wardrobes, they all match perfectly into the noble ambience of this place.

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It was erected in 1816 at the foot of the access road to Burg Schlitz, opposite the tavern “Zum Goldenen Frieden” and bears the following inscription (translation from Latin into English): "Dear guest, it is my wish that you, while walking up, may hand over your sorrows to this vessel. Hans Count Schlitz 1816 " The original of this vessel is lost since 1945. Everybody walking up to Burg Schliz was to hand over his sorrow to this vessel by touching its base with his hand. In the upper part of the obelisk the Count’s family-motto and life-philosophy is inscribed with the following initials: wwwv which stands for “wuensche wenig, wirke viel” and means: “wish small, act big”


The first wish refers to the circumstance that at that time Mecklenburg was still occupied by Napoleon. The second wish is based on the fact that Count von Schlitz was founder of the Mecklenburg Agricultural Association. The third wish refers to the situation that at that time Germany was split up into app. 300 small principalities.

It was erected in 1812. The three wishes are as follows:

Peace for the Fatherland
- Blessing for Farming 
- Fraternity for the Germans


In 1825 the gate for the future burial ground was erected, but regrettably not finished. The inscription reads as follows: Youth’s abundant energy, Joy’s jubilant sound, Honour’s radiant brilliancy – For the ennoblement of this earthy clod I sacrificed them. What I have created may guarantee for you, my successors, an abundance of enjoyment! And for me your gratitude! On the stone’s backside the Count’s date of birth is inscribed, as well as the initials of his motto wwwv. The following date (14.08.1822) cannot be interpreted so far. Presumably it is the date of the Count’s joining the Freemason Lodge, as several Masonic symbols can be found all over the park and the building.


It was erected in 1813.

For the faithful creators of my youth this stone was placed in gratitude by H. Count Schlitz 1813

The names of these faithful creators are inscribed on the front side, which are: Otto Meier, headmaster of the Joachimsthal Grammar School, and professor Eberhard, teacher of philosophy at the University of Halle.


It was Amalien’s enchantment alone that was capable of giving higher charm to the dreariness of Suelz.

We do not go into detail, whether this stone was set in memory of a charming spa romance at the moor bath of Suelz.


Along the way to the Luisen Lake the Louisen Stone can be found which Hans Count von Schlitz had dedicated to his wife.

“Named after the mistress of this castle, after the fair life companion who faithfully shared my sorrows and my joy. The best, what has been erected here, was due to her. 1828”

The inscription reads as follows:
To Luise, the fair life companion, this lay out is dedicated and named Louisen Lake


It was erected in 1808 and is equipped with the following two inscriptions:

Providence protected those dear to me but iron not the fighters H Graf Schlitz 1814

In the tempest of Regensburg, where those lived who were dearest to me, two combatants fighting against each other left behind this armour while falling in battle on April 22nd 1809.

The armour had been kept in an alcove on top of the monument and is completely corroded in the meantime. The opposite side shows the family crest of Hans Count von Schlitz.


Erected in 1817, consisting of two parts, whereas the major part depicts Napoleon’s exile on St. Helena.

The inscription reads as follows:

The Demon which held Teutonia’s fetters until recently, is chained on a distant, rocky island. The power of delusion is broken and justice and truth triumphed on June 18th and November 20th 1815

Until 1954 a marble bust of Napoleon had been kept behind an iron grid which was destroyed.

The second part of the monument contained a bust of Bluecher which was lost in 1945 and recently found in a former latrine. The bust is now kept inside the building.

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Fountain of the Nymphs

Information concerning the “Fountain Of The Nymphs”, also called “Fountain of the three dancing Girls”

Walter Schott (1861 – 1938), Professor and Sculptor at the Berlin Academy, was one of the main representatives of the Neo-Baroque School of Sculpture at the time of Kaiser Wilhelm II. He created various monuments and sculptures for the Berlin Cathedral, as well as sculptural elements for the New Palais in Potsdam.

His most important work, however, is the world-renowned “Fountain of the Nymphs”, created in 1903 in the Art-Nouveau style. It is also called “Fountain of the three Dancing Girls” and cast in bronze. More originals can be found in the Central Park of New York, in San Francisco, Antwerp and a diplomatic villa in Berlin. We are particularly proud of being able to host an original of this fountain in our park. 

Dr. Emil Georg von Stauss, head of the board of the Deutsche Bank and chairman of the UfA film company in Berlin, was proprietor of Burg Schlitz from 1932 – 1945 and acquired this fountain in 1934 for his summer residence. In summer the “Fountain of the Nymphs” is appreciated by rare species of birds as their bird-bath, and occasionally a frog does not mind a refreshment, either. It offers a special sight for the visitors of our English Landscape Park at any season.

The delicately spraying jet of water sprinkles the life-size figures of the dancing girls, giving them an enchanting dynamic by which they seem to float as light as feathers and appear to be clothed with almost translucent robes.

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