Discover the romantic side of Mecklenburg Switzerland in a very special way:

on a gourmet hike which combines the unique countryside with excellent food, on a leisurely stroll through picturesque nature and with pleasurable moments in dream-like landscape parks. Take time to slow down or go and explore Mecklenburg on a countryside-tour. It is here in Mecklenburg Switzerland that Mecklenburg opens its heart and grants a deep look inside.

Although this area is virtually bare of mountains, Mecklenburg Vorpommern received its honourable title “Switzerland” due to its soft, rolling hills between Teterow and Malchin. Behind every hill and every turn of the road new and surprising sceneries open up again and again. Bright yellow rape fields alternate with lush green meadows and deep blue lakes with shady woodlands. Red poppies and cornflowers line the fields, gnarled fruit trees and magnificent chestnut trees line the country roads. In the villages, where brick barns outshine the churches, an ancient world is hiding, which seemed to have perished long ago. Between glittering waters and wooded hills you will find many castles, rich in history, with old parks, and manor houses with beautiful gardens. In addition to this, there is an abundance of historical monuments and a variety of sound and appealing places of contemporary art and culture. All over this area prominent witnesses of their time have left their mark, like Fritz Reuter, Heinrich Count von Bassewitz, Gebhard Leberecht von Bluecher, Hans Count von Schlitz, Ernst Barlach and Johann Heinrich von Thuenen.

For your romantic short trip Mecklenburg Switzerland offers an abundance of possibilities to find peace and quiet, to relax and to be active: Wellness, hiking, rural but exquisite gastronomy, exploring of historical jewels, riding, biking, bathing, sailing, canoeing, scuba-diving, here everybody will get their money’s worth.

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