Mecklenburg Countryside enhanced
by Art

Some 200 years after Count von Schlitz changed the face of Mecklenburg Switzerland by his extensive Landscape Park according to his own ideas and personal visions with lasting effect, for instance with special monuments, obelisks and stone-settings, giving it herewith his personal, characteristic and, not least, cultural hallmark, a Sculpture-Way was created which, starting from Burg Schlitz, is stretching wide into the countryside. With a similar passion for three-dimensional design and with a similar love of the Mecklenburg countryside, the two artists Wilfried Duwentester and Bernd Uiberall have been active in the direct neighbourhood of Burg Schlitz for the last 8 years. The project “Sculpture-Way Burg Schlitz-Goertzhausen” takes up the Count’s vision and adapts it for an encounter with temporary sculptures. The sculptures “live” in the wide space of the landscape and interact with the nature and the already existing cultural area. The sculptures are positioned at prominent places along the way between Burg Schlitz and Goertzhausen and appear to be a part of the landscape.

“We do not take anything away. We do not change. We just add. The beginning is made. The first sculptures are erected… and the cows keep on grazing.”



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