A Paradise for Star-Watchers

What could be more suitable for a romantic weekend than looking at a starry sky on a mild summer-night? Star-watching is a most remarkable enjoyment at Burg Schlitz. There is hardly another region in Germany which could offer such a brilliant night sky as the southern part of Mecklenburg Switzerland.

Because of Germany’s dense population and numerous light sources in major cities and industrial facilities, the so-called light pollution is particularly high. However, a few areas have remained, where star-watchers are able to enjoy an almost natural, dark night-sky. Burg Schlitz is such a place, as the artificial brightness around Lake Malchin is by night just 10% higher than the natural brightness of the sky. A night-sky as close to nature as here has become a more and more rare phenomenon.

The uniqueness of a comparatively dark night-sky makes Burg Schlitz a singular destination for star-watchers and romantic souls. So do not miss the opportunity to enjoy one of the most fascinating starry skies in Germany and get enchanted by the great number of star constellations which your eyes will be able to make out.



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