“Wish small, act big” – Hans Count von Schlitz, diplomat, romanticist, agriculturist and creator of this unique parkland with one of Mecklenburg’s most beautiful castle-complexes, had a remarkable philosophy of life.

His visionary work has left marks and traces in the surrounding landscape which set the route for our strolls. Fathom with us, on paths deeply steeped in history, unique stone-settings, monuments and obelisks with patriotic messages, personal thoughts and quite intimate dedications.

Together with Jim Schuetz* you will stroll through an exciting time of European history, which was intimately connected with the history of Count von Schlitz, his contemporaries and his family.

Even the poetic family von Arnim sought inspiration for new works in this idyllic parkland. Discover rare trees like a 500-year-old oak, a 180-year-old Gingko or a yellow-flowering cucumber magnolia. And the contemporary sculptures along the way between Burg Schlitz and Goertzhausen seem to be a part of the landscape, too. Not to forget the graceful art nouveau jewel: The “Fountain of the Nymphs”.

Join us for an entertaining time-travel in the heart of Mecklenburg Switzerland and enjoy a rural picnic at a poetic place. Whether at dawn or sunset, always at your service!

*Jim Schuetz is Mecklenburger by conviction, German philologist and wood-carver with a legendary humour.



Wanderung Mecklenburg Schlosshotel