Mr. Philipp Hartwich is a massage therapist, wellness therapist, and a medical bath attendant and our expert for your deep relaxation. Thanks to his know-how which meets highest standards of professional massage techniques you will rejuvenate and relax.

Apart from offering various wellness-massages Mr. Hartwich takes time for your health and would be delighted to work out a personalised, medical massage-programme for the duration of your stay. Guests with a private health insurance may be able to invoice these services through their health insurance or utilize medically prescribed services in our house.

Kindly inform us of your requirements. Mr. Philipp Hartwich guarantees an optimal care and will be pleased to provide you with his professional advice.

Enjoy the “IONTO-SPA EVOLUTION” massage table at Burg Schlitz
Thanks to an inventive joining of medicine, acoustics and state-of-the-art engineering IONTO-COMED® enterprises succeeded in developing the novelty of an exceptional sound- and treatment-table for the Wellness- and SPA-Sector. During their treatment our guests will receive both a holistic and flexibly individualized body- and sound-experience on a so far unparalleled level.

Philipp Hartwich Wellness Masseur