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Burg Schlitz
Afternoon Tea

Experience a British institution. Indulge in an “Afternoon-Tea” and in this very special way of enjoying your afternoon in a sophisticated and relaxed way.

Our TEA MASTER Franziska Pauli will prepare for you an unforgettable tea-ceremony with passion and expertise.

Exquisite premium tea specialities from the traditional Ronnefeldt Private Tea-Kontor will be served, as well as savoury sandwiches, sweet treats from our pastry-cook, fine chocolate-truffles, a glass of our in-house sparkling Riesling wine Burg Schlitz “Cuvee Louise” and the classical must-have: freshly baked English scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam. 

Burg Schlitz Afternoon Tea Package
Exclusively served with your personal selection of our exquisite gourmet tea supply, an matcha-tea-sorbet and a glass of Riesling sparkling wine
EUR 65.00 per person (From 2 persons onwards. Reservation required one day in advance!) 

Royal High Tea
Enjoy all the culinary highlighs of the Burg Schlitz Afternoon Tea, but heighten the experience with a glass of champagne instead of the Riesling sparkling wine.
EUR 75.00 per person (From 2 persons onwards. Reservation required one day in advance!) 

There may be probably as many stories about the origin of an English afternoon-tea as there are tea-blends, however, the following one is definitely the most quoted. Early in the 19th century people in the U.K. used to have only two meals per day: breakfast and dinner. As legend has it, the 7th Duchess of Bedford assigned her servantry to serve her every day at 5 P.M. a cup of hot tea and some little savouries, as she needed something to appease her growing appetite at that time of the day. The experience of this little snack was most agreeable to her and quickly developed into a daily routine. Furthermore the Duchess even began to invite her friends to this little tea-ceremony, as to make them acquainted with her newest amusement. One thing led to another and within a few years the consumption of an afternoon-tea became a social event of the upper-class. Eventually this trend became so popular that tea-houses and coffee-shops began to offer this enjoyment to their guests. Today it is regarded as an essential component of the sophisticated British way of life. 

Enjoy a delightful time
We are looking forward to your reservation


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