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Our Doggy ABC

You say, it is a sinful shame
To love my dog, so apt to please.
My dog braved storms beyond all blame,
Whereas a man fails in a breeze.

St. Francis from Assisi

Dear Guest

Dogs are, as we all know, a man’s truest friend. However, considering the welfare of our other guests, we feel obliged to draw your kind attention to the following: 

  • Dogs do not have access to the „Wappensaal“ Gourmet Restaurant including the adjoining salons as well as the Green Salon, the Schinkel Hall, the Hotel Bar and our Café Brasserie „Louise“.
  • Dogs are to be leashed all over the Hotel´s premises and the Landscape-Park.
  • It is our constant endeavour to keep this Hotel and its adjoining areas clean and tidy. Therefore, we kindly request your dog to relieve itself only outside the Hotel´s area in our Landscape-Park. Sanitary bags and an adequate wastebin are available.
  • Please have also some understanding and compassion for your neighbour next-door, should you consider to leave your truest friend alone in your room and the common peace should possibly be disturbed by barking.
  • Our housekeeping staff-members will not be able to make up your room or execute the turn-down-service in case your dog should be alone in your room.
  • Your furry friend should be aware that he or she will be charged with all damages or any kind of pollution he or she might (hopefully not) cause.

We are convinced that your darling will enjoy his or her stay as much as you will, despite those unavoidable restrictions.

We appreciate your understanding


Schlosshotel Burg Schlitz
17166 Hohen Demzin
Telephone: +49 (0) 39 96 - 12 70 0
Telefax: +49 (0) 39 96 - 12 70 70
E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

+49 (0) 39 96 - 12 70 0

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