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Bath-Tub fun

A noble bathing-ceremony in the romantic light of torches

An enchanting view of Burg Schlitz and far away into the beautiful Mecklenburg countryside, a romantic ambience in the light of torches – enjoy the warm waves of our luxurious bath-tub. An experience to revitalize all senses.

Our noble “Skargards Royal” bath-tub is situated on the slope of the “Buchenberg” ( i.e. beech mountain ), is equipped with a spacious, ergonomic plastic-tub, will be filled for you with fresh natural spring water and is fired with beech wood. An oven, integrated elegantly between the tub and an outside wooden panelling, guarantees a clean and undisturbed bathing experience.

Our “bath-tub butler” will prepare a hot and relaxing bath for you, ready for enjoyment.

Any further firing of the oven can be executed by yourself in the course of your bathing-ceremony according to your personal liking. With the oven you can adjust the temperature of the water which can be reduced by activating the whirl-pool function.

Your private bathing-ceremony includes the following services:

  • Fragrance-Bath with stimulating lavender-extractsA 0.75 l bottle of “R” de Ruinart Champagne
  • Plenty of torch-lights and just as many moments of happiness

    € 349,00 for 1 – 2 persons

The bathing-ceremony is bookable for up to 2 persons. The bath-tub is available in connection with the above described bathing-ceremony only.


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