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Beauty is everywhere a most welcome Guest

Burg Schlitz, one of classicism’s most important buildings in Germany, can look back on a two-hundred-year-old history.

Erected from 1806 to 1823 on behalf of Hans Count von Schlitz by architect Friedrich Adam Leiblin as a family residence on the relics of an old castle, it has been diligently and elaborately renovated and reconstructed from 1992 to 1999 with a capital expenditure of more than 60 million Euro and opened as Castle-Hotel in 1999.

Thanks to mindful and authentic restoration works, Burg Schlitz presents itself today as a stately mansion offering its guests repose, tranquility and unobtrusive luxury.


The History of Bug Schlitz

  • 01.01.1763
    Hans von Labes, who later on was to become Hans Count von Schlitz, is born in Berlin.
  • 1794
    Hans Baron von Labes becomes Hans Count von Schlitz. As the future bridegroom did not befit the rank of a Count’s daughter, he was therefore adopted by her father, Imperial Count Johann Eustach von Schlitz-Goertz, in order to be able to marry his daughter Louise henceforth as Hans Count von Schlitz.
  • 1801
    The Count’s one and only daughter, Karoline Louise Johanna, called “Adele” is born.
  • 1806-1823
    Burg Schlitz is built. During the construction-phase Count von Schlitz lives in the former builder’s yard which was later turned into the sheep shelter of Karstorf Manor ( 1791 – 1816 )
  • 1818-1822
    Construction of the “Karolinen-Chapel”, a brick and plaster structure in the style of a neo-Gothic Batalha ( i.e. a Portuguese pilgrimage church ). Hans Count von Schlitz dedicates this chapel to his mother-in-law, Imperial Countess Karoline von Schlitz-Goertz.
  • 1830
    Ultimately Burg Schlitz Manor had to declare bankruptcy as a result of the Napoleonic Wars and due to harvest losses caused by adverse weather conditions lasting for several successive years.
  • 1831
    Following the Count’s death, the estate of Burg Schlitz is acquired by “Adele” and son-in-law Heinrich Count von Bassewitz-Schlitz.
  • 1931
    For the next 100 years Burg Schlitz remains in possession of the von Bassewitz family.
  • 1931
    In consequence of World War I and the Great Depression in 1929 the estate has to declare bankruptcy once more. For a short time Burg Schlitz passes into the ownership of the Mecklenburg Agricultural Association.
  • 1932
    Dr. Emil Georg von Stauss, among others president of the “Deutsche Bank AG” and the “Ufa” film company in Berlin, becomes new proprietor of Burg Schlitz. Von Stauss is generally reckoned as the financier of World War II and Adolf Hitler’s private banker.
  • 1944-1945
    During the final phase of World War II Burg Schlitz is used as emergency accommodation for refugee families and later as military hospital.
  • 1946-1951
    In these postwar years Burg Schlitz functions as school for altogether 70 children from neighbouring villages.
  • 1951-1954
    Plans are made for a plain and functional reconstruction and utilization as a long-term FDJ training-centre. Fortunately Burg Schlitz is spared such a fate. It was agreed to maintain the original structure of the building and the lay-out of the first floor, and to turn Burg Schlitz into a nursing home.
  • 1955-1990
    Burg Schlitz is used as old-age- and nursing-home.
  • 1990-1991
    Burg Schlitz is acquired by the Jaegermeister AG Wolfenbuettel.
  • 1992-1999
    Extensive reconstruction- and overall refurbishment-works are being executed to turn Burg Schlitz into a Jaegermeister guest-house and later into a Castle-Hotel. An amount of several tens of millions was invested for a true to original restoration without claiming official grants.
  • 2000
    The Hotel Mecklenburg Vorpommern Ltd. opens and manages the Castle-Hotel Burg Schlitz.
  • 2011 - 2022

    Manuela and Armin Hoeck acquire Burg Schlitz including 450 acres of land appertaining to the estate, take over the general management and control the fate of the estate and Castle-Hotel.

  • October 2022

    Manuela and Armin Hoeck decide to sell Burg Schlitz, which is thereafter integrated into a trust fund and stays in private ownership.


They will come and go – my guests. Their joy is also my joy, Their delight is also my delight. They will come, long after my pulses. I shall greet them, while they are walking here, where I loved this soil so ardently.


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