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as far as hooves can take you

The terrain around Burg Schlitz offers almost unlimited possibilities for riding out. Enjoy cross-country riding lanes newly laid-out for your convenience, or have spontaneously a ride through the picturesque scenery wherever and as far as hooves can take you. An excursion with a historical Landau-carriage drawn by black-shining noble Frisian horses offers diversion, too. Furthermore, training-courses are offered for ladies to get experienced in riding gracefully with a side-saddle, and also for learning how to play polo. Since its erection 200 years ago, horseback hunting enjoys a continuous tradition at Burg Schlitz. Stylish Hunting Days are held regularly. 35 horse-boxes are available in our royal stud. Our stable master will professionally and passionately take care of our guests’ horses.

Riding & Drag Hunting

Diverse riding-lanes around Burg Schlitz stretch along for hundreds of kilometres. Enjoy extensive riding-outs through deep valleys, picturesque broadleaf forests, mixed woodlands and a hilly countryside. Here you will find ideal conditions for your private drag hunt, too. Enjoy an unforgettable hunting experience with exciting and demanding obstacle-courses with various levels of difficulty, wide meadows and forests, natural brook courses and a diverse terrain. However, it is not later than the first “Hallow!” sounds through the forests and the signals and the noise of a pack of beagles or foxhounds echo along the meadows that you will feel: This here is a special place, indeed!

Dismount and rest

For our guests’ horses we have restored our royal stud in 2008 with loving care and are pleased to offer you horse-boxes including bedding, water, oat and hay for a small extra charge.

The royal stud was built in 1848 by Heinrich von Bassewitz. A wing which functioned as a cinema was added in the 1930ies by Emil von Stauss. Many UfA movies received here their premier. In German Democratic Republic time it was used as storehouse. In 2007 it regained its historical function as royal stud.


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